Las Vegas Chicas party and event terms


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Terms and Conditions

We welcome you as a private VIP adult sexually oriented travel member and personally select you on the information you provide us, upon completion of our confidential Questionnaire and Members form, which we protect as strictly private and confidential. Please note; We do not share any information about you with others persons or organisations. We take this very seriously.

We will email you our news about our events, our emails will be from By completing our member questionnaire, you are entering into a contract and you are abiding by the terms and conditions of our contract.

All guests are asked to remember our Discretion and Confidentiality Agreement, you are giving your consent to not share any information about our parties to any other persons (other than your guest/s) and/or, any other organisations.

For our private parties please note, our Casa Grande venues are confidential, you will be texted 3 hours prior to the event.

We will give you all the details you need prior to the evening via email. We ask you to remember that we do not allow any loitering on the street outside the premises. We welcome you as our private guests and friends. You are asked to conceal our venue details to anyone. We do not allow Camera’s or Mobile Phones, we reserve the right to store them for you privately upon arrival. Some of our guests are famous, we ask for your discretion, and ask if you recognize anyone please remember you are entering into our contract to never disclose their identities or make them feel uncomfortable on the night. We can provide you with private storage for your valuables and clothing within our locked facility.

We do provide a special service to those that have pre-booked our VIP members facility, this entitles you to free Alcohol and Soft Drinks, Canapes and or Casa Grande suites are available upon selection. We provide VIP services, our servants are on hand to serve you, in body paint art, etc.

We ask you to email us any questions. We will give you ticket prices and dates and times of our party via email.

Dress Code
From casual sports parties, nude swinger, pool parties to strictly Black Tie, any time you may wish to bring a change of clothing.

Strict Rule
We would like to know what time you are arriving in advance by text message. All guests must confirm bookings two weeks in advance of the party.

We will provide you with a number to call on the email that we send you upon selecting you as our VIP guest.

Age Range
You must be over the age of 21 to enter.
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